I have been using Chrome for more than ten years, but recently, some disgusting operations forced me to give up using it.

I don’t usually turn off my computer, and I keep it on 24*365 all year round.

Since November last year, the amount of hard disk writes on my Mac has inexplicably increased. By now, the amount of writes has reached 20T.

I didn’t notice the reason before, thinking that there was a problem with a process in the system, which continued to write to the hard disk.

But in the past two weeks, I found that it was Chrome.

The following figure shows the disk write and read volume of Chrome over a weekend

Weekend disk write and read volume

It can be seen that in a weekend, 48 hours, Chrome wrote 475GB and read 60GB. An average of 10G is written per hour! This is the statistical data when the computer is idle.

The following figure shows the amount of writing by Chrome from 19:00 to 9:00 the next morning.

Night Writing

After 14 hours, the writing reached an astonishing 108GB, and the computer was also idle, without audio/video playback, etc.


  1. Uninstall Chrome and reinstall it.

  2. Open Chrome, do not open any tabs, only open the Chrome App in the background

  3. Leave it idle for one night and see the writing situation.

As expected, the writing is still about 10G per hour on average.

Search for answers

After that, I searched the Internet for the problem of Chrome writing a lot to the hard disk, and found no recent topics, but I saw similar situations on v2ex.

V2EX Post

To add, I have the same problem on both of my Mac computers.

It seems not an isolated case.

It’s just that no one may have noticed this problem.


Goodbye, use Safari again, and wait until the problem is solved.